How can you help us spread joy throughout our community?

We are a 100% donor supported volunteer organization.

Our goal is to be able to reach schools, public libraries, hospitals, and nursing homes as well. Research has shown that animal therapy programs provide improved morale for patients, family, and staff, and reduces anxiety, loneliness, and stress. To date, we have not charged for any of our services. Therefore, in order to help provide our services, we rely on donations from individuals like you. Without the continued support of generous donors our patient’s needs will likely go unmet. We utilize donations to cover the costs related to the care of our certified therapy animals, upcoming educational programs, and travel related expenses.

It is also an amazing experience for all involved when our certified therapy animals reach out to patients that are often experiencing emotional and physical suffering. You and your pet could become certified through our organization and volunteer your time to visit local facilities. We are looking forward to providing upcoming trainings and certification testing for therapy animals in the near future. Please look at our Events page for more information.